Friday, December 9, 2011

A Snapshot of Republican Candidates' Positions on Education

Do the Republican presidential hopefuls have a plan that is likely to improve education in America, or are they dealing with irrelevant side issues that are not likely to make much impact at your child's school?

This from The Huffington Post:

Bachmann: Abolish Education Department. Says federal government doesn't have a role in education; jurisdiction is with state and local governments.

Gingrich: Shrink Education Department. But supported Obama administration's $4 billion Race to the Top grant competition for states.

Huntsman: "No Child Left Behind hasn't worked for this country. It ought to be done away with." Favors more school choice.

Paul: Abolish the Education Department and end the federal role in education.

Perry: Turned down federal education aid to Texas worth up to $700 million because he saw it as imposing national standards on Texas schools. Opposed No Child Left Behind law.

Romney: Supported No Child Left Behind law. Once favored shutting Education Department, later saw its value in "holding down the interests of the teachers' unions."

Santorum: Voted for No Child Left Behind law. Wants "significantly" smaller Education Department but not its elimination.

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