Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Getting Serious About Bullying in Iowa

Online reports: bullying suspicions sent to school districts

This from ZDNet:

A new website has been launched this month by the Eychaner Foundation, in the hopes that it will become a valuable tool to help tackle the problem of bullying. takes reports submitted by students, parents and staff, and sends them to an ‘appropriate person in your school district’. The information is sent via email and US Postal mail, with an additional copy sent to the email inbox of the one reporting the incident.

By filling in the incident form on the website, you are able to specify the school and its district, the date and type of incident — for example, student to student or student to staff — and input information on the complainants.

You are also able to specify what factors the incident was based on, such as age, colour, sex, disabilities or socioeconomic status.

After describing the incident, the reporter is required to input their status, whether student, teacher or parent, contact details and address.

The website’s privacy policy is designed to ensure reports remain anonymous. According to the policy, no personal identifiable information is revealed in either the preliminary reports sent to school districts, or the annual reports that are sent to the Iowa legislature.

The Des Moines non-profit group that is sponsoring the website launch said that its goal is to ‘promote tolerance and nondiscrimination’...

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